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Your trip to Climb Quest
This is the outside of Climb Quest.
When you go inside we will say hello to the Climb Quest worker at the front desk.
You can use the toilet if you need to before your session.
You will take off your jacket so you are ready to climb.
When your session starts you will meet the people who will show us what to do.
They are called climbing instructors.
They wear purple shirts.
You must listen to the rules.
1. You must walk
2. Only climb when you are clipped on
3. Walk around the coloured mats
4.  Only touch the rope when you come down
You will put on a harness to keep you safe.
There are different harnesses depending on your size.
The climbing instructors will help you.
Your adult can also help you.
You can choose where you climb.
There are lots of climbing walls.
Some climbers will use a special hoist to help them climb.
The climbing instructors and your adult will let you know when it is time to finish.
You can use the toilet before you leave.
You will have had a brilliant time.
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