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We’ve been before – do we have to watch the safety video again?
Yes, everyone must attend the safety briefing before every session. Then we know that everyone in the group understands the same set of rules. We do it to keep everyone safe.
Can I buy tickets for the Vertical Drop Slide and Stairway to Heaven on the day?
Yes, tickets are £3.00 each, and you can buy them on the day. For the Vertical Drop Slide, climbers must be 120cm or above in height. For the Stairway to Heaven, we recommend that climbers are 120cm or above in height.
Myself or a member of my party is colour blind – how will this affect our climbing session?
Our safety mats are coloured purple and the 'Amazing' climbing wall is coloured Red and Green, which we understand can be difficult to distinguish if you are colour blind. Please speak to a member of our climbing team before your session to clarify the points related to the safety mat and the walls.
Are non climbers allowed in the climbing arena?
We have a limited number of spaces for non-climbers on the arena, and those with climbers who are 6 years or below, have additional needs or are particularly nervous. Otherwise, we ask that non-climbers watch from the side of the arena or our mezzanine, and allow our team to help climbers.


Do you cater for groups with special requirements?
We believe in inclusion at Climb Quest and will always endeavour to help any individual or group with special requirements to participate. Our climbing arena and toilets are on ground level. We do not have a lift to our mezzanine level, but all birthday parties and cafe space can be accommodated for downstairs. We also have disabled hoists to help climbers that need extra assistance to ascend our walls. We encourage anyone making a booking where you need some extra assistance to contact us and arrange a site visit prior to booking, to discuss how the climbing system operates and provide you with any information required, in order for you to decide if this is an appropriate activity for you, or anyone in your care. For health and safety reasons, we restrict the number of non climbers on the climbing arena, so please discuss any requirements you might have for carers to accompany your climber so we can make suitable arrangements. Please contact the centre in advance of your visit to make arrangements.
I am a parent/guardian bringing children? Do I have to climb with my child/children or can I just watch?
You can just watch, and there are spaces to sit or stand next to the arena or up on our mezzanine level. Our team will help your climber clip on and off the walls. We have a limited number of spaces each session for adults with climbers that are 6yrs or younger, have additional needs, or particularly nervous, but where possible, we ask that non-climbers stay off the arena. Spectators do not need to pay to come to Climb Quest.
When is the best time for Teen and Adults to climb?
Our public sessions are open to all ages, but we recommend our sessions in the late afternoon and early evening as they tend to attract more of our teenage and adult climbers. We also host regular Adult climbing sessions for climbers 16 years and above.
Is there a maximum weight limit for climbers?
The maximum weight limit for our auto belays is 140kg/22 stone.
Is Climb Quest just for Kids?
No! Loads of adults climb with us. Adults can climb in any session that has free spaces. We also host provide hire and corporate events and regular Adult climbing sessions for climbers 16 years and above.
What is your minimum age?
Our minimum age is 4 years old for our regular sessions. For our Little Rockers sessions, climbers must be over 2 years old and be at least 12kg to climb.


How can I sign waivers for everyone?
You can sign the waiver for all of your guests, and we ask that you do this before your party. Likewise, you can forward the link to your guests’ parents to sign for them.
Do the children need to come to the briefing if they have been before?
Yes, all climbers and helpers must attend the safety briefing in full, each time they climb with us.
I’m running late to the centre what happens now?
Don’t worry! These things happen and we will do our best to look after your guests before you arrive.
Can I get a refund on the day if I change my mind?
No, refunds can only be given 7 days prior to the party date.
Can I add or make any changes to the booking?
We require 7 days' notice in advance so please do let us know if you would like to change the booking. It’s always best to overestimate to avoid disappointment. In the event of a last-minute drop-out, an adult or child can take their place.
What if a child cannot come on the day?
In the event of a last-minute drop-out, an adult or child can take their place. Don’t let the kids have all the fun! Regrettably, we are unable to cancel or refund any spaces unused on the day of the booking.
Should I get to the centre earlier than the party time?
We recommend that the party host arrives 15 minutes before the time of booking.
Is there space to store jackets and coats?
Yes – we have coin-operated lockers available. These require a £1 coin to open. The coin is refunded when you empty the locker. We can also supply trugs for coats and presents.
My child has certain food allergies do you cater for this?
We can make gluten and lactose free pizzas, and vegetarian and gluten-free hotdogs. All of our pizzas are vegetarian.
Can I bring additional food? What about birthday cakes?
We do not allow food and drink purchased elsewhere to be consumed on the premises. The exception is birthday cakes which we are delighted for you to bring. We can store these safely in our office while the climbing session is going on.
Is there parking on site?
There is lots of free parking at The Kingston Centre.
Where should my guests’ parents pick them up from?
Parents can enter the centre to pick their children up.
How long does the whole experience last?
From the start of the briefing to the end of the climbing, the session is 2 hours long.
Do I need to let the children know anything before the day?
We would recommend reading our terms and conditions for climbing with us, especially the following key points: - We are unable to host any climbers who are wearing open-toed shoes (EG. sandals), or specialist rock-climbing shoes. We strongly recommend trainers. - Climbers with long hair (below shoulder-length) must tie it back behind them. We can provide hairbands for 50p each. You can purchase these from our reception desk. - We ask that all climbers remove wrist-watches, bracelets and bangles. - Our Extreme Challenges, the Stairway to Heaven and Vertical Drop Slide, have a recommended minimum height of 120cm. - Upon arrival, we recommend that all climbers make full use of the toilet facilities before their briefing – as we do not allow climbers to use the toilet while wearing a harness (for obvious reasons!). - We have lockers available to store personal belongings. These lockers require a £1 coin, which is refunded when you leave.
Do I need to be in the climbing arena with the children?
Our Climbing Team can help with clipping, but we find that most climbers who are 10yrs or over can use Belaymate themselves. We need to limit the number of non-climbers on the arena, so we ask that you only go on if your climbers are between 4 and 6 years old, or have additional needs. Please speak to our Front of House team about going onto the arena.
Can adults eat the party food too?
The party menu is designed for little eaters. For grown-ups we can provide a wide range of both hot and cold food from our cafe – which will be open all day on the day of your party.
What is your cancellation policy?
After your party has been confirmed and paid for, we operate a cancellation policy that allows for full or part cancellations and refunds for parties, where you notify us of your desire to cancel up to seven days before the party. Regretfully, we are unable to cancel bookings or refunds where notice given is less than seven days before the date of the booking. To request a refund, please contact us. If you find out that children can’t make the party nearer to the date, we are able to refund a maximum of two children onto a gift card with at least 48 hours’ notice.
I haven’t done invitations yet, so I don’t know how many will come – how do I manage this?
We strongly recommend that you book for the maximum number of spaces you can expect to attend, as we can cancel and refund individual spaces as per our cancellation policy (see below) – however it may not be possible to increase the number of spaces in your booking, if the session you have booked for has subsequently sold out.
Where is the party area?
We have a pre-decorated party area at the front of our mezzanine, overlooking the arena.
When do I need to pay?
You need to pay the full amount when booking the party if you are booking a party online. If you call the centre, you can pay a deposit for a minimum of 10 climbers. The balance is due 7 days before the party.
What’s the best way to book my party?
You can book your party on-line or by calling then centre. Please look on our party page for the range of parties we can offer.

Your Visit

Do you do gift vouchers?
Yes we do and they can be made up with your chosen number of climbing sessions as well as our Extreme Challenges. These can be purchased through this website.
What is your cancellation policy?
We can give a cash refund if you cancel your session at least 48 hours in advance. Please call or email to make these changes. Cancellations and changes to an EXCLUSIVE or CORPORATE booking can be made up to 7 days before or the full fee for the session is payable. For parties, we can give a cash refund when you give us more that 7 days' notice of changes. After this, we are able to refund a maximum of two children onto a gift card with at least 48 hours’ notice.
Can I bring my own food and drink?
Sorry, no. Only food and drink purchased from our café can be consumed on the premises.
Can I buy food and drink at Climb Quest?
You certainly can... You'll work up a thirst so grab yourself a cold drink or a slushie! We serve fantastic barista coffees and sweet treats including fruit, cookies, cakes and ice creams. Don't leave hungry after your climb - enjoy a meal or snack from our café. Our menu includes delicious freshly made stone baked pizzas and hot dogs.
What should we wear?
A lot of our guests have been surprised how much of a work out the session is, so loose fitting, sporty clothes are recommended. Crop tops are not advised, and hoodies are not allowed. Only closed toe shoes are allowed. For safety reasons, we cannot allow sandals, flip flops or rock shoes into the Climb Quest Arena. Please keep jewellery to a minimum. We do have the facility to safely secure jewellery if required.
How many people can I book for?
You can book for up to 18 climbers online. If you would like to book more than 18 climbers, please contact the centre.
What time will my session start?
Your session starts with a safety briefing at the time on your confirmation. 90 minute sessions: The first 30 minutes will comprise of your introduction, safety briefing and harness fitting. This is then followed by 55 minutes in the Clip ‘n Climb arena and 5 minutes where we collect the harnesses. 60 minutes sessions: Your safety briefing will be incorporated into your hour of climbing. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your session starts.
What are your parking facilities?
There are over 1,000 free parking spaces, including parent & toddler and disabled spaces, at The Kingston Centre.

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