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Fun and healthy Home Education activity in Milton Keynes

Home Ed Hangout are our weekday sessions, where home educated families enjoy a discount rate on our 60-minute climbing sessions. It’s a great opportunity to arrange to meet other home educated families to enjoy our climbing arena and on-site café. Our friendly and experienced instructors support the children through each action-packed session.  If the children want to our instructors can provide games, challenges, and help with climbing technique, as well as letting children just climb!


The Home Ed Hangout at Climb Quest is a great opportunity to arrange to meet other home educated families in Milton Keynes and make new friends with other families.

There are tons of benefits climbers enjoy from their climbing sessions at Climb Quest. You’ll experience massive amounts of fun and excitement, while being healthy and active at the same time. More than most other family activities, Climb Quest sessions also give climbers a huge confidence boost and an amazing sense of achievement no matter how high they climb on the walls.

Our centre motto is ‘be proud of what you can achieve’. Climbers get a huge sense of pride from what they achieve on the Climb Quest walls. Parents feel an amazing sense of pride seeing their children develop in confidence over their climbing session.


Join us for our 60-minute climbing sessions during the week, with a special rate for those in the Home Education community! Please note that this session runs alongside our Weekday Saver session, and is not a dedicated Home Education session.


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Extreme Challenges

The Home Ed Hangout also includes one token to experience one of our thrilling Extreme Challenges*. Choose to climb hands-free up the Stairway to Heaven or drop from the top of the Vertical Drop Slide.

* For the Vertical Drop Slide, climbers must be 120cm or above in height. For the Stairway to Heaven, we recommend that climbers are 120cm or above in height.

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We have a closed Facebook group specifically for families of home educated children, who want to keep in touch with us about climbing. Visit our Facebook page to find the group.

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£9.99 per climber
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From 2 years
60 mins inc briefing
Monday to Thursdays, school term times
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1 Extreme Challenge Included
I was given a jacket to be able to be on the climbing floor which was very much appreciated so that I could encourage my youngest son to participate as he was very nervous to begin with and wouldn’t even put the harness on at first but by the end of the session asked if we could come back again! That is down to the fantastic staff and the brilliant facilities you have - really well organised so that everyone got a turn on the walls and no one felt too overwhelmed with the amount of people. Such a pleasant atmosphere! Thank you so much for a wonderful morning of family fun, we shall return!
Rachel A
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